Estudio Kozak Arquitectos

Kozak architects was founded by Aron Kozak in the city of La Plata in 1965. Haydee Wainstein joined the practice as a partner in 1969. During the first decades, work at the office was divided between the direction and construction of public infrastructure, and the design and direction of industrial plants, houses and residential buildings. The following work can be mentioned as representative of these years: Estadio Central de San Juan, Parque de Mayo, San Juan (1968), the industrial plant for Tubos y Aceros SA in San Martin (1969), urban infrastructure complexes comprising 1000m3 water tanks, power plants, workshops, offices and housing in Cañuelas (1970) and Trenque Lauquen (1973), apartment buildings in the City of Buenos Aires (1978-1999) and the series of houses in the country clubs Miraflores (1975-1987) and Campo Chico (1982 - 1983).

In the late nineties, Alejandra and Daniel Kozak joined the office as associate architects. In 2005 Luciano Mancuso entered the office, and in 2010 he became associate architect, working in the direction of construction sites.

Since the last fifteen years, the practice has focused on urban residential buildings of medium-scale and the development of energy efficiency strategies and sustainability in architecture, as applied in projects such as the Interpretation Center of the Natural Reserve Cañadón del Duraznillo in Monte Loayza, in the Province of Santa Cruz (2010) and the residential building Araoz 1459, in Buenos Aires City.